Yes – buying a house can be overwhelming but – help really is here!!!

buyer-collage  It can be especially hard if you are a first-time Homebuyer!  But, again, the good news is that, as a Realtor®, my job is to help educate you and assist you all the way through the process.  I can provide you with all the information you need get started and then walk beside you all the way to handing you the keys to your first home!

If you have purchased a home before, you may or may not remember all the steps you had to take.  If you do, that’s wonderful!  If you don’t, it’s my job to give you all the information you need and walk with you to the same goal as the First Time Homebuyer – KEYS!


There are some simple steps you can take as soon as you decide you want a new home.  FIRST – find a Lender and get prequalified.  I know, you want to drive around and find your dream home.  Here is what I hope we can avoid.  You walk in my office with a picture of a home you saw as you were driving around and you believe it is in the right price range for you or your family.  If you are correct that is the best.  But, what can happen is this – you love this $250,000 home, you go to a Lender, the Lender says you qualify for a $200,000 home.  It’s disappointing and makes it hard to look at the homes that really are in your price range. So – to avoid all that, please, go to the Lender first and then drive by as many homes as you want.  It will make the process easier from the beginning.

SECOND – find your realtor.  Make sure you get alone well and that the Realtor® has your best interests in mind.  If they start showing homes that you can’t afford or just are not what you said you wanted, find another Realtor®.  If you have signed a Buyer’s Representation Agreement with the first agent, you will need to have something from them in writing saying that you have been released from the contract.  If necessary, talk to their Broker.  Now – this doesn’t happen very often but I mention it because it is important that you know that this realtor is your partner working to get you exactly what you want.

THIRD – Follow your Lender’s advice. Once you have made an offer, DO NOT buy anything on credit until after you have the keys to the house.  Lenders will do a final credit check right before closing and, if something has changed, the sale may fall.  So make sure you understand all that they are telling you and ask as many questions as you need to in order to clear about every step.

FOURTH – Do that same thing with your Realtor®.  I want to be asked questions – there is no stupid question.  Buying a home is one of the biggest investments the average person makes and you need to get it right.  I work hard to make sure that my clients fully understand every part of process and welcome your questions and concerns.  I work for you!

FIFTH – Give me a call today – Vicky Churchfield – 208.830.2050